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Are you looking for work? Or maybe you would like to find a business to work for that falls better in line with your personal ethos?

The job search can be a daunting one. But let’s face it, having the wrong job can sometimes be even worse.

Enter Vegan Jobs Ireland

Ireland’s new vegan-friendly job classified website

As surely as there are a lot of jobseekers, there are a lot of opportunities and employers on the hunt in Ireland. I have been on both sides of the search, and I know sifting through the options can be challenging nearing on impossible!

But one website is aiming to make it a whole lot simpler for employers and businesses of the vegan persuasion.

Let’s take the obvious one for an example: Job vacancies in Ireland’s Food and Drink sector are likely to be in the thousands on any given day. Food is and will always be one of the biggest industries. There are many chefs, waiters, and other staff who are not comfortable or may even be strictly opposed to handling, preparing, or serving meat and animal products. On the other side of the coin, there is a rapidly growing number of vegan restaurants and caterers who are seeking workers who share their passion and ethos or possess the specialty skills or knowledge valuable to the job. There really was no dedicated place where everyone in the above two groups could connect, until now.

However, Vegan Jobs Ireland is about much more than vegan catering careers. Read our interview below to see what I mean!

Our Interview with the Founder of Vegan Jobs Ireland

D&S: What inspired you to start Vegan Jobs Ireland?

VJI: I was looking for a job as a Graphic Designer and thinking that it would be nice to find a job in a vegan environment, even if not in my area of expertise. I thought it would serve not only as employment but also as activism, a scenario where you could combine work and veganism would be great.

I typed “vegan jobs” into Google to find jobs related to veganism to see what would come up. I noticed that there were two websites, one from the UK and another from the US, but I was interested in vegan jobs in Ireland.

After some research, I didn’t find anything specific in Dublin and realized that it would be nice to have a Vegan Jobs Ireland page. I asked myself… why don’t I do it? I have a background in web design so I decided to use my skills to make the first step.

D&S: I think it’s a great idea! I wish it had existed when I first moved to Ireland back in 2008.

When did you start Vegan Jobs Ireland. Have you noticed any increase in listings?

VJI: I started in August 2018 when I first created the logotype and opened a group on Facebook.

Since then, the page has been growing, people have been participating, sharing positions and asking questions.

The website is relatively recent, around 2 months old. Lots of CVs have been received from users, and so far 12 roles submitted. It’s growing in a good rhythm considering I didn’t invest in advertising.

D&S: The website looks great, you’ve done some very nice work.

Do you have a mission statement?

VJI: We want you to find a job that is in keeping with your values, that can positively impact not only your life, but the lives of animals, the environment, and that can help build a healthier, more compassionate society.

We believe that there are many ethical companies that are looking for a candidate just like you. We are here to bring you together.

D&S: What makes Vegan Jobs Ireland different from other job classifieds?

VJI: In many ways, Vegan Jobs Ireland follows the same features as any regular job classifieds. I’m continually improving the site for a better user experience, not only for job seekers, but also for employers.

The website has news about the vegetarian/vegan market in Ireland, Start-ups etc. But the main difference is that Vegan Jobs Ireland allows you to match your values with those of your employer/employee, which makes for a more personalised job search experience. Additionally it serves to highlight all of the vegan friendly businesses and opportunities here in Ireland.

Go Check it out Yourself!

With the vegan movement growing rapidly in Ireland in terms of both individual vegans and vegan companies, Vegan Jobs Ireland is a highly useful resource which is sure to grow.

You can find and follow Vegan Jobs Ireland via the following links:


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