About Us

Hello and welcome to Diced & Spiced!

Diced & Spiced is the brainchild of Daniel, with some occasional input from myself, Suzanne. You will mainly see my presence when it's time to obsess about some amazing micronutrient. I've always found food science interesting, and tend to encourage Daniel to incorporate whatever tidbits I've recently discovered into his cooking.

We are a married couple living in North Dublin, Ireland. We have both been vegetarian since childhood, and began our vegan journey last year. Daniel has worked professionally in culinary arts as a Baker and Chef for a combined 15 years (known most recently as the Head Chef of Seasons in Skerries) and has always had an avid interest in photography, writing and all things techy, hence a food blog has been haunting the to do list for some time.

Since making the switch to vegan we realised, well, it really is easier than you'd think. On this website we hope to share some of the foods we eat regularly. These include easy junk food recipes, wholefood plant based recipes, and of course, our more exotic "nation of the month" recipes, which often require a trip to the local ethnic market.